Friday, September 05, 2014

Before You Have Kids

I just read a list of "10 Things to do Before You Have Kids." I know, it is a bit late for that seeing as I have two now... but I was curious. What was I supposed to do? Did I do them? My conclusion was that yes, I did do many of them in the years before I had children, but those things that I didn't do are either unimportant to me or are things I should be doing now or in the future that are totally possible with children. I am so glad I have my two children, but I am also glad my life didn't end when I had them. I still have interests and hobbies. My life has meaning and purpose, hard work and fun. Yes, it is easier to do some things without children, but many things are worth doing with children. My life is not over just because the Lord is using me to raise two new lives. There is so much to live for, and I am thankful Zachary and I are a team as we raise Anna and John

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Robert Wayne Moore said...

You're a creative and attentive mother. I couldn't be more pleased with everything you do!

Love you... Dad