Tuesday, December 23, 2014

God Made Pink

Anna looked up at me from across the table, "God make pink?"
"Yes, He did!" I answered. "There are pink flowers God made, and when the sun sets in the sky there is often pink in the sunset. I think God did a good job making pink, don't you?"
"Yes!" Anna paused to think. "I like Him!"
"You like God?" I said with a smile.
"Yes. You like God?"
"I love God!"
"Daddy like God?" she went on.
"Yes, he does!"
"John like God? 

I thought about this, "Well, John doesn't know much about God yet, so we need to teach him about God so he will. Will you help us tell John about God?"
Anna looked down as she considered this before nodding.

I like how Anna went from one of her favorite colors to thinking about God and deciding she liked Him.

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