Friday, December 12, 2014

Our Advent This Year

Every Advent is special in its own way. Looking back to when I was just a child, I can't tell you what I enjoyed most about it. Was it the anticipation of Christmas Day? The music? The candlelight? The cookies and coloring sheets we sometimes had? The sound of my father's voice as he read the Holy Bible?  I don't know that it was any one thing in particular. It was the full experience, the opportunity to come together as a family and remember what is truly important.

This year is special in its own way. I am married now with a baby experiencing his first Advent season and a toddler who is old enough to look forward to it each evening. Anna was both fascinated and concerned about candlelight at first (a few hand puppet shadow shows helped put her at ease), and she was intrigued by the "new" Christmas music. The gentle melodies of Silent Night and Away in a Manger are rather somber sounding and made her cry without knowing why. Now, she does her best to sing the parts she knows and asks for Silent Night.

Best of all are the stories this year. The Jesus Storybook Bible wasn't a new book for us, but we weren't reading it chronologically or every day before this Advent season.  Now, I realize it is practically an Advent book! Every story, even from the Old Testament, points toward His coming. We add Jesus' name for clarity so our toddler can understand better, but each story ends by pointing toward the coming of our Savior. It is a great way to consider the Old Testament, and you don't have to be a child to appreciate this book.

We are lighting two candles each night now, and the light of this season will glow brighter and brighter as we come closer to Christmas Day -- the day we celebrate the miracle of Immanuel: God with us.

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Robert Wayne Moore said...

Elizabeth, thank you for sharing your thoughts upon the season of Advent. There is a warmth in the way you write, and I am blessed to be your father.