Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

What is love? In a week festooned with red and pink hearts, streamers, and balloons, love seems to be everywhere. Flowers are given. Candies are eaten. Stuffed animals hold boxes of caramels and truffles. On the other side, people argue about what true, healthy love looks like -- or doesn't look like.

I love chocolate as much as the next girl, but I know this: love doesn't always come with a trumpet blast (or a string quartet). It doesn't always have its own song. It doesn't always have big balloons or flowers.  Let me tell you about the moments that made me feel the most loved.

1. Sitting silently together, hand in hand, watching the cars drive by.
2. Hearing the dishes being washed in the next room while I rest on the couch.
3. Never running out of things to say and laughing at jokes and stories until late into the night.
4. Thoughtful questions and comments at female dominated midwife appointments.
5. A soft "Thank you for all you do." after a day spent with needy little ones.
6. Having the Psalms read to me at 2:00 AM because my head hurts too much to sleep.
7. A candy bar coming out of a big coat pocket because he thought of me while he was away.
8. A humble "I'm sorry." after a thoughtless moment or just because he knows it was a rough day.
9. Having a shoulder to bury my head in as I manage labor pains.
10. A smile and a glance from across a room of people.
11. Conversations with the random "I love you." sprinkled throughout.

I love you, Zachary!

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Under Southern Skies said...

Aww, how sweet! It sounds like you are very blessed! =)