Saturday, September 19, 2015

Review of "Who Switched Off My Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf

Know you stress out too much but don't know what to do about it? Or perhaps you suffer from headaches (as I have) or another physical ailment and want to fix the problem -- not just cover it with pain medication which often fail to help anyway? Who Switched Off My Brain, is the book for you. I am realizing more and more how much I have internalized my stress throughout my life, and I have paid for it with tight muscles, tension headaches, and skin problems. Dr. Caroline Leaf addresses the science behind how our brains work and the thoughts and emotions that seem to rule our lives. The crucial last chapter gives a comprehensive list of steps to take to regain health and maintain positive thoughts that are good for our bodies and minds. This is not a magic cure and will require that I make deliberate changes in the way I think and process the stresses around me, but I am full of hope that with God's help, I will make significant progress in my thought life, and, as a result, have fewer headaches.

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